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Application for Streaming Privileges

The below application form is for any Veteran (Blue) or higher rank in the FFXIV: Innocent World Discord who would like their stream to be announced in the #news

Info for Streamers

  • Do not advertise any personal or affiliated streams or videos on services including (but not limited to) YouTube, Mixer and Twitch unless permission is granted in advance by the admin team

  • Only Veteran members or higher will have the permission to stream video directly into a channel. This will not be granted to anyone else at any time.

  • The only accepted form of streaming/video advertisement is the automatic posting into the #news channel once setup by the Discord Master.

  • No linking of any stream in any other channel.

  • No persuading other members or posting overzealous hints to the group or it's members that you are currently streaming or providing any other service that may make other members feel pressured into following suit, this includes forcing communication to indirectly advertise in the server.

  • At this time, your stream must only be Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) game content. No other games may be announced on Discord and any streams that are not FFXIV game content must be advised to an admin member at least 24 hours prior to streaming so the notification can be temporarily disabled.

  • Your channel must have the Innocent World Group button displayed and properly linked before making your application to be a group streamer. This can be found here.

  • Please do not message any staff member following your application as thorough checks can take some time, as such asking will not speed up your application nor will you receive updates regarding it's progress. If you have not received a response after 14 days, please submit an error report found on our website (Report an Issue) under the "Contact Us" section.

  • Channels and relevant members that do not abide by our community rules and guidelines will be promptly removed from the Discord notifications. This rank will not be re-instated after removal.

  • We currently only support Twitch streams with three (3) streamer slots available to members. Not all applications will be accepted depending on a set criteria which will not be released as public information. Terms and availability are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Group Button Link | Application to be an FFXIV: Innocent World Streamer

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