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Questions, Recommendations, Suggestions, Requests and Complaints

To suggest a feature for our services, or to report an issue with our services or another member. Please use one of the below report tools. Please read the description of the report in order to submit the correct report to the admin team.

Report A Member

To report another group member or admin for misconduct of the rules, bullying or other, please use the report a member tool found here

Report Any Other Issues

To report any other issues including Square Enix ToS violation, discord or website issue, please use the report an issue tool found here

Event Suggestions

To suggest a future event, use the event suggestion tool found here

Other Suggestions

To suggest features or changes to Discord, Cross-World Linkshells, Free Company or other related areas, use the other suggestions tool found here


All messages in Discord are logged, as with those in-game. If at any time you feel threatened or pressured by another member or player in FFXIV, remember to use the reporting tool based in-game and using our Report Tool found here. Any deleted/edited messages in Discord are recorded in an admin log, if you consider any deleted posts to be confidential and were posted in error, please notify an admin member as soon as possible who will assist you with the problem. Not all circumstances will deleted posts be purged by the admin team unless they identify those who posted it in real life (IRL) as these could potentially be linked to inter-member incidents in our groups.

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